Collective bargaining works

Your rights at work – the things we’ve built together – are worth defending.  Through collective bargaining we get results: decent wages, benefits, parental leaves, safe working conditions, protections from harassment and much more.  Your union gives you a say in the workplace and a way to defend the services you provide.

Gains benefits all workers

Every gain one union makes has a ripple effect on the rights of other workers.  The 40-hour work week, parental leave, vacations, health and safety laws are now commonplace thanks to union members.

Unions work for people everywhere

Unions work hand in hand with others in political arenas to bring about positive change, including human rights laws, public education, universal health care, the Canada Pension Plan, social assistance and unemployment insurance.

Working people build Ontario communities

Our members and our union are strong advocates for the public services we all rely on.  Good union jobs contribute to the economic well-being of your family and your community.

Stand up for fairness

The gains made through bargaining benefit all Canadians.  Unions help create fairness and speak up for the rights of all Canadian workers.  You can help protect your rights by getting involved in your union.

Your rights to collective bargaining and quality public services are under threat

Quality public services we have fought for and rely on, like hospitals, child care, municipal services, long-term care, universities and libraries, are being cut back, closed and sold to private, for-profit operators.

Provincial and federal Conservatives are proposing plans that would effectively strip away your ability to bargain collectively by eliminating your union’s right to collect dues from all members or to take political action to fight for laws that improve the lives of working people.

We need to stand up to these threats.  We need to stand up for fairness! 


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