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多伦多市长福特(Rob Ford)於10月31日再次成为世界各地的头条新闻。在短短24小时内所有多伦多报章异口同声要求他辞职,甚至在社论中鼎力支持他的多伦多太阳报(TorontoSun)也齐声呼应。不过,无论他马上离去还是继续恋栈,他已对多伦多的声誉造成颇长时间的伤害。





多倫多市長福特(Rob Ford)於10月31日再次成為世界各地的頭條新聞。在短短24小時內所有多倫多報章異口同聲要求他辭職,甚至在社論中鼎力支持他的多倫多太陽報(TorontoSun)也齊聲呼應。不過,無論他馬上離去還是繼續戀棧,他已對多倫多的聲譽造成頗長時間的傷害。





The headlines about Mayor Rob Ford rebounded across the entire world on October 31st . Within 24 hours all daily Toronto newspapers called on him to resign. Even the Toronto Sun, his biggest booster and editorial apologist, joined the chorus. Whether he goes sooner or later, the damage to this city’s reputation will last for a long time to come.

Ford is not the first person in public office to deal with personal problems, and he will not be the last. Unions often assist members who are dealing with substance abuse, and the first priority is to get that person help in overcoming their dependence. It is not unusual for someone in that situation to exhibit a pattern of deceit and denial. But in denying the behaviour, Ford and his brother went after the professionalism of the journalists and police who were trying to discover the truth, all the while continuing to play the victim card.

The more disturbing issue seems to be that time and again Ford gets away with breaking the rules. Any other person seen dozens of times by police receiving “packages” in their car in random locations would long ago be facing criminal charges. It is ironic that the despite the conservative creed that deplores gangs and drugs, this mayor has a long history of consorting with individuals heavily involved in those activities. The fact that one was later murdered speaks to the nature of that sub-culture that does so much harm to many poor communities in the city.

There will be much more drama in the twelve months leading to the next Municipal election. The labour movement will continue to work hard for the kind of city that serves working families in every neighbourhood. There is a lot at stake in the ongoing fight for a healthy city where prosperity and respect are shared by all. Let’s hope the public does not lose sight of that real prize in this turbulent political time.